Desire to know my ways, says the Lord

Is 58: 1-9

How do we fast? What for do we take up fast on ourselves? Do we ever think of the way or rather the way the Lord wants us to do things? How does the Lord expect us to fast?

Isaiah, however makes it clear that we need to fast not merely from food and drinks and live a life unworthy of God’s Call. Rather we need to testify our fast in our actions and dealings with the Other. The renunciation of the body should help us to control our undue desires and the reactions. Our fasting is meaningless if it is done for the selfish motives. It is not valid if it does not become a source of support to the poor and needy.

God values attitudinal change rather than forced renunciation of something. However we need to acknowledge that the traditional understanding of fasting has its relevance and value.


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