I am Rich can I Enter Heaven

Mk. 10: 17-27

The rich young man comes to Jesus to ask ‘what he should do to enter heaven’. Jesus suggests to him to practice the commandments. But he claims that he had been observing all the commandments from his youth.

Jesus, looked at him and loved him and said, “Go and sell all what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven.”

The Man went disappointed for he had lot of riches…

If so, can a rich man enter the heaven?

Jesus loved him and saw that his attention was not focused. Even when he said to have practiced the commandments, it was not in its fullness rather the personal prejudices and desire for my glory led the actions. I feel being rich and being obsessed with money are two different things, being rich I can do lots of good to the poor and the needy but obsessed with money I live a selfish life, nothing else matters to me. Money becomes my God.


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