Give them Bread to Eat

Mk 8: 1-10

My heart is moved with pity for the crowed, because they have been with me now for three days. Jesus tells the disciples to give them something to eat or else they might collapse on the way. The human face of the Lord, he feels, talks and acts like a human being, feeling the fragility of the human body.

However, this attitude of the Lord does place a question for reflection in the life of the church and every believer. Do we ever considered the fragility of the body when we condom others for their little mistakes. As Pope Francis says, we need to give food to eat to the hungry before we preach the gospel. Do we ever give attention to the physical enhancement of the people? The example of the Lord shows that it is not for an approval or an acceptance in the society, rather that was the nee of the time, he did the best for them and moved on to the next place. The more we are attached to the little things we do and more we look for recognition we tend to stay on with the little we have done and fail to do the rest.


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