Dear Teacher

 Today, on TEACHER’S DAY, we wish to say “Thank You’ for all you’ve been to us and done for us and we want you to know how much we appreciate your caring and concern.  Perhaps we do not often make it a point to express how we feel about you but Teacher’s Day seems an opportune time to do so and to share with you also what we look for in you.

 We fully realize that teaching is not an easy task. That it makes heavy demands on your time, energy and abilities and that it requires your constant dedication and commitment.  But we do feel proud of you, that you chose this noble calling and we thank God for the privilege of encountering you in the course of our lives.

 We often spend more time with you that we do with our own parents, indeed, the better part of each of our days and hence you mean so much to us.  May we also share with you some of our expectations of you, so that our relationship might be enriched.

 Please accept us as we are, with our faults and failings, our strengths and weaknesses, encouraging the good in us and weeding out the bad.  Do try to know each of us by name – it makes us feel you really care.

 Take time to listen to us when we come to you with our problems.  When our parents do not seem to have time for us, you are often the only ones we can turn to, for solace and strength.  In moments of conflict and doubt, we look to you for guidance and when you extend this to us, we feel consoled and strengthened.

 Do be patient with us when we cannot understand a complex fact or a difficult problem.  For we are not all equally intelligent, equally quick to grasp, and some of us do need a little more attention and caring.

 Do stimulate our thinking, set on fire our imaginations, challenge our powers of observation and lead us to true learning.

                                                                                                – Elaine Ann Charles


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