Action and Reaction

the_bible_history_a_lAction and reaction are the two words with lots of similarities in the language and vast disparity in meaning at the same time.  A reflection on this can help us to have a glimpse of the way we organize our life.

Action: It is a process of doing something to achieve an aim or it is a thing done. It is a positive energy towards something positive.

Reaction: It is an action done or experienced as a result of an event to situation. It often becomes reactionary. Most often it leads to the destruction of something.

In an action always something new is created but in a reaction there is an absence of something that was present. So we can say, when an action creates, a reaction can lead to destruction. So too in life we are called to act in every situation not to react, for action requires reasoning, evaluation and which in turn produces positive results for the betterment of the individual and society.


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