We want justice!

Kerala politics

I am not a politician or a political analytic. I can never claim that I know everything that is happening these days in Kerala politics.

But as an ordinary human being, citizen of this state, who has the basic right to participate in the election. I too have the right to think and speak about the political scenario around me, openly without taking any opinion.

Most often as in one of the advertisements of the Mathrubhumi news the political leaders consider the ordinary flock as foolish/donkeys, for we do not react as they do. One of the most interesting statements by the opposition these days was about the repeated affirmation ‘whatever you do/ say we want the chef minister to resign’. Is the opposition interested in bringing the scam out or bringing the government down????

Search for justice should not be guided by the greed for power and selfish motives.


2 thoughts on “We want justice!

  1. Politicians pay attention to the people only during elections. Same in all countries. When Politicians fear losing their job and if the people turn against them. They tried to do better?


  2. most often they think that the common people are fools and we prove ourselves to be the same in every election…. in a country like India there is lots of emotional attachment to politics and to politician
    only education and awareness can change the situation


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